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Month: July 2015

Perfect Solder Joint

Soldering of copper tubing is really a tough job. Only 3 out of 10 plumbers correctly know how to do soldering of copper tubing. The other plumbers do not know how to solder copper tubing because they were trained to do soldering in plastic tubes like pex, Cpvc and Pvc etc.
While working with copper pipes, make sure not to miss any soldering steps because it can lead to disastrous results. If you can learn the steps mentioned below, you should be able to do perfect soldering of copper joint. In order to avoid any leaks that could cause damage to your home, here are some helpful tips mentioned by our company Plumber Feltham. They will help you to get perfect joint of solder every time. These are as follows:
Cut the pipe to desired size.
Clean the inside of the fitting.
Flux the pipe from inside and outside of the fitting.
Timing to solder
Clean and debur the pipe.

Cutting of the pipe
Cutting of the pipe according to size helps in joining piping system together. You can use a tubing cutter for cutting pipes.

Cleaning the pipe:
You can clean the pipe with the help of sand cloth or paper. Use sand at each end of pipe until it shines.
Make sure to remove oils by manufacturers. Remove copper and sand residue with the help of clothes.
The deburring tool helps in removing rough edges that can lead to leakage. Try to flux the fittings of pipes. You can also use the flux brush for this purpose. It will ensure tinned and cleaned joint of the pipes.

Call a plumber

Seek help from our well-trained and professional plumbers at Plumbers Feltham. We provide quality services to our customers with less cost.

Immediate solution of the difficult plumbing issues

People are going to face many plumbing related problems each month and are very difficult to fix them. Most of the people face the problem of the blocked drains and the blocked pipes. The reason may be of any nature but the problem is very irritating and creates a lot of trouble in the house and also in the neighbors. The reasons of blocked drains might be some blocked kind of debris, dust, oil or grease stuck into the pipe or the drains and which halt the smooth flowing of the water into the pipes and in the drains. The other reasons may include the root stem or the soil which go deep into the drain and is difficult to come out. The root or the stem of the trees are very stubborn and is not easy to dissolve in the water of the pipe. So it is very difficult to open the pipe or the drain in this case.
All these reasons stop the water flowing free into the pipes. It creates a lot of tension and people can’t live with this problem. It gives a trouble to the people as living in a house with this problem is almost impossible. People need to fix the issue immediately. Our company Plumbers Feltham is the best in this situation. They contain the special and the more advanced technological instruments. The instruments are fixed with the cameras which go into the pipes or the drains and will provide the understanding of the nature of the problem and also where the problem exists.
The Plumber Feltham then hit that area where the problem exist and leave the other portion of the pipe or the drain so that the problem might be solved immediately and without any disturbance.