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Month: January 2015

Maintain your house with efficiency

You know you hate the clogging of your bathroom and kitchen drains? Here are some ways you will be able to maintain the spontaneous flow of water through these drains yourself:
Use of baking soda
We all know the advantages of baking soda. Now you need to know how useful it is in terms of unclogging a drain. All you have to do is warm a kettle full of water and pour it down the drain. Right after this water, you need to pour down a cup of baking soda within the drain. You might hear a slight blow-up in the drain but you have cover the drain with the lid. Let the solution rest for about twenty hours or more and enjoy running water right through.
Use of vinegar
Vinegar has acidic properties and therefore has the ability to wash down anything that blocks a passage. You will have to pour down a cup of vinegar down the drain along with some boiling water and wait for the acid to work like magic. Your drain will start clearing up in a matter of hours. Plumber Feltham gives this advice to all the people who have been worrying about clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom.
Water only
Sometimes the drain needs just some boiling water to do the magic. All you have to do is get a sauce pan filled with water and boil it. Pour down the water with some salt and let the drain rest for night. Run water in the morning to check if the drain is letting the water run.
These are just some simple tips with which you can unclog your drains in the kitchen and bathroom without calling a plumber. Everything mentioned above is readily available in the homes and therefore unclogging the drain becomes an easy job.