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blocked drains Feltham

How to Unblock A Shower

Residents of Feltham are lucky to be well covered by drain experts. Whenever they experience a problem with their drain system, they can call Blocked shower Feltham for a quick and long lasting solution. It is a fact that bathroom waste pipes and shower drains make use of small sized pipes. These pipes are much prone to getting blocked more so to the fact that there is usually a lot of dirt in the bathroom area for instance pieces of hair and soap. Hence a shower blocked drain is a common problem that should not worry you much because you are well covered by our experts.

In case of a blocked drain, do not panic, just call us and we will help you out. We will carry out a survey on the work to be done and establish the source of the block. We will even check your piping work connecting to the sewer line without charging you an extra dime. We make use of CCTV camera technology that enables us to see even through the tinniest and dirtiest pipe. Such a survey enables us to know what we are dealing with and we are able to give you a favourable quote. We care about your expenses and your comfort.

We respond to emergency cases as fast as we can. The moment you call our customer friendly offices, we dispatch our standby plumbing engineers to your without delay. Work commences the moment we come into terms and when both parties are satisfied. Our expert engineers work swiftly and will observe hygiene to highest standard. It is the only way we avoid disasters from drain water that can cause untold damage to your place. Well, we work both in residential and commercial properties. It is not only repair work we do; we can set up new drainage system around your home when requested to. Feltham residents contact with us and we will be happy to help.

How to unblock a sink Feltham

The right plumber can help you with your Blocked sink Feltham and can ease your mind as they can help you with unclogging your sink. It is necessary to have someone to come over – an expert that enables you to remove your hassles and troubles.

A sink is an element at home that we often use throughout the day and it can be easily break down, especially when you have thrown in food waste that causes a blockage. If it happens in your kitchen, you can do DIY emergency repairs first before the experts arrive at your house.

First of all, you can make a baking soda and vinegar solution and pour it in the sink about 3 hours before pouring boiled water in to unclog it. The mixture helps very well when it comes to a toilet or sink clog. You can do this on a routine basis since the sink needs proper maintenance too.

There are many other ways to try if you are not into this solution. You can use your plunger, a rubber made plunger with good quality, and add pressure to the blocked sink. This way, the waste is pushed further and leaves the sink unclogged.

You can also find many chemical products in hardware stores that function perfectly for an unblocked sink. However, some of them may create that unwanted odor that may be too strong for your nose to handle. If possible, try to find an odorless solution or make it on your own. It is probably the most pain-free way to unblock your kitchen sink. Always do the act with caution because you could damage the pipe inside the sink – which leaves you with another problem.

Make a call to the nearest plumbing service that can give professional feedback on your problem. It’s good to have their advice before doing anything based on your own knowledge.

How to unblock a toilet Feltham

You might have come up with the idea that a toilet has the worst job in the world” but at the same time, you can’t imagine normal life without it. People sometimes don’t pay enough attention, so they throw things in the toilet they shouldn’t and an unavoidable thing happens – the toilet gets clogged and normal functioning of the household is disturbed. How to unblock a toilet? We have the answer for this problem! We are a professional plumbing company that performs unclogging of all types of plumbing. We use professional high-pressure machines and electrical engine spirals to do that.

Imagine a situation when your toilet is blocked and can’t be used normally – this is something that is driving every member of your family crazy, and this is definitely a situation when you need professional help because professionals will approach this problem efficiently and with care.

We quickly and reliably solve all your problems with a blocked toilet Feltham as well as with all clogging and maintaining of house plumbing: rain and sewer plumbing, sinks and toilets, bides, bathtubs, showers and floor syphons. We have special professional vehicles that carry special equipment for plumbing unblocking, such as:

1. Electric cable-with electric cable with 8-20 mm diameter we unclog plumbing of 32-250 mm diameter.
2. High-pressure machines-with these machines we unclog and wash out plumbing of 50 – 250 mm diameter.
It is never really a good idea to detect a plumbing problem in your home and to try to solve it yourself or to hire an amateur. A professional plumber will always determine what the problem is and solve it faster than any amateur. In the end, that will save you quite a lot of money.

Contact us with trust and tell us about your problem. We will come quickly, screen the area, detect the problem and propose the most efficient solution. We are the top professionals in our line of business.