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Month: March 2016

24/7 emergency plumbing in Feltham

Home plumbing is always at risk because it is constantly operating withlarge quantities of water as well as various other fluids, chemicals, mud, oil, grease, sand, lime – all of it creating deposits that in the end can clog plumbing.

Similarly, outside the house plumbing is slowly penetrated by the roots of trees and bushes that grow near the piping, which presents high danger from narrowing and permanent damage. Just the same, in newly built plumbing enters remains of concrete and other construction materials that deposit and stay attached to the walls of plumbing – which will over the period of years create an indestructible deposit in plumbing.

In order to get both value and functionality, plumbing should be regularly maintained, professionally cleaned and checked.

This is why plumbing service in Feltham offers:
no unpleasant surprises – 24/7 emergency plumbing Feltham
prevention of clogging caused by fats, oils, sand, mud, limestone
prevention of flooding caused by clogged plumbing
services to maintain the functional efficiency of your plumbing

By maintaining the quality and functionality of plumbing, we give an important contribution to environment protection because these activities help save underground and clean waters.
Here is a brief list of our services:
Maintaining, cleaning and unclogging
Emergency 24/7 plumbing
Home plumbing (toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers, etc.)
Cleaning and maintaining of main vertical and horizontal plumbing within the house
Cleaning rain and toilet manhole of house and public sewers
Cleaning city rain and sewer plumbing
Cleaning sand, dirt, mud and grease from plumbing

When performing special cleaning, we use special analog robots that enable us to efficiently and completely remove all of the stubborn dirt that has been disabling plumbing from functioning properly and completely.
Our plumbing services will ensure perfect functioning of home plumbing, which is one of the most important preconditions for a clean and leisured home life.

How to unblock a toilet Feltham

You might have come up with the idea that a toilet has the worst job in the world” but at the same time, you can’t imagine normal life without it. People sometimes don’t pay enough attention, so they throw things in the toilet they shouldn’t and an unavoidable thing happens – the toilet gets clogged and normal functioning of the household is disturbed. How to unblock a toilet? We have the answer for this problem! We are a professional plumbing company that performs unclogging of all types of plumbing. We use professional high-pressure machines and electrical engine spirals to do that.

Imagine a situation when your toilet is blocked and can’t be used normally – this is something that is driving every member of your family crazy, and this is definitely a situation when you need professional help because professionals will approach this problem efficiently and with care.

We quickly and reliably solve all your problems with a blocked toilet Feltham as well as with all clogging and maintaining of house plumbing: rain and sewer plumbing, sinks and toilets, bides, bathtubs, showers and floor syphons. We have special professional vehicles that carry special equipment for plumbing unblocking, such as:

1. Electric cable-with electric cable with 8-20 mm diameter we unclog plumbing of 32-250 mm diameter.
2. High-pressure machines-with these machines we unclog and wash out plumbing of 50 – 250 mm diameter.
It is never really a good idea to detect a plumbing problem in your home and to try to solve it yourself or to hire an amateur. A professional plumber will always determine what the problem is and solve it faster than any amateur. In the end, that will save you quite a lot of money.

Contact us with trust and tell us about your problem. We will come quickly, screen the area, detect the problem and propose the most efficient solution. We are the top professionals in our line of business.